July 29 2014

COSL operated 40 drilling rigs of which 30 are jack-up drilling rigs and 10 are semi-submersible drilling rigs. This make COSL the largest fleet of offshore oilfield services facilities in China. For solids control equipment or mud system & drilling rig, they have continuously huge requirement.

GN Solids Control have exported 2 sets 1000hp rig mud system & 1 Set 10000bbl liquid mud plant to COSL via domestic rig manufacturer.Now the 3rd set 1000hp rig mud system is ready for delivery.Read more:

GN shale shaker

GN 1000hp rig Mud System

  • One unit of GNZYQ1000A API & ISO standard Mud Gas Separator with Choke manifold for optional.
  • Two unit of GNZS703E-HB back feeder Shale Shaker with connection distributor
  • One unit of GNZCQ270A self-contained Vacuum Degasser with level sensor to protect over suction of the fluids.
  • One unit of GNZJ703E-2S12N small footprint Mud Cleaner with 2 desander cones & 12 desilter cones. The deck shaker is same as GNZS703E, linear montion shaker with 3 panel shaker screen.
  • Twelve unit of GNJBQ150A-D & GNJBQ10A-D JIE Brand gearbox Mud Agitator with double impeller for better mixing and suspending.
  • Five unit of 40ft container size Mud Tank with centrifugal pumps, mud Guns, Ex-proof lights, valves, cables, ladders, handrails and other necessary accessories. 

GN mud cleaner

Except for COSL, GN also have many other big domestic & international customer, following to read more.

1000HP Mud System for COSL