July 10 2012

SJ Petroleum Machinery SJ Petroleum Machineryis a Sinopec company,1500 HP Oil Drilling rig is one of SJ Petroleum Machinery major products.GN Solids Control supplied all the solids control equipments and mud tanks for this project.

The 1500HP oil rig with GN Solids Control equipments are going to delivery to Latin America,which is GN major market.

SJ Petroleum GN Shale Shaker

This 1500HP Solids Control mud tank sytem is designed to fit for High Temperature areas with cover to prevent Hot sunshine.The configuration of the 1500HP mud sytem including: 3 GNZS703 Linear Motion Shale Shaker,one GNZJ703-3s16N Mud Cleaner,one GNLW452S Decanter Centrifuge,One GNZCQ270 Vacuum Degasser and completed with feeding centrifugal pumps,mud agitators,mud tanks and attachments.

GN SJ Petroleum mud system

ZJ50 Oil Rig Centrifuge

SJ Petroleum Machienry is one of the largest drilling rig manufacturer in China,many of their exported oil rigs use the Solids Control Equipment from Brand like Derrick,Swaco. As SJ see the Interntional presence of GN equipments all around the world.They select GN Solids as the supplier for this exported oil drilling rig.

GN Solids Control in SJ Petroleum