April 10 2010

Double shale shaker and Mini mud cleaner designed for Coal bed gas well drilling. Typical customized drilling mud processing equipment for specific demand on easy transportation and compact dimension.

Double shale shaker has many advantages to adapt customers’ convenience. Two sets of ZS83-3 shale shaker fixed on one skid to make the shale shaker removal more easily.
 double shale shaker gn solids control

The matching screens can be soft hook strained also PMD style. The screen area is 2.7m2 on each
shaker, double shale shaker will hold 5.4m2 screen area in total. The considerable screen area
provide large treating capacity make the drilling mud processing more effective.
mud cleaner
The Mini mud cleaner including six 4” desilter cones and one 8” desander cone. The under screen is 1.05m2 results the treating capacity 80m3/h (352GPM). Combined compactness and easily handling.

Above equipments meet customer’s demand, they felt satisfied with design and quality. This successful case showed GN drilling mud processing equipments can be widely used in oil & gas drilling, HDD, Coal bed gas drilling, etc. Moreover, the items can be designed subject to clients detailed requirement.

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