November 08 2009

A drilling fluids decanter centrifuge for the HDD mud system just finished production in GN Solids Control Factory,and ready for delivery to Tianjin,China.

The clients have visited many decanter centrifuges manufacturers,but finally,they choose us to design and manufacture the decanter centrifuges for them.

Reasons for Choosing GN decanter centrifuges as below:

  • Our engineers studied their situation carefully,and provide them with the most cost-effective solution for selecting the right model of decanter centrifuge.
  • They saw the finished decanter centrifuges in our factory,and they are very satisfied with the painting and design.
  • With our production experience,we are able to offer them with competitive price.
  • We have exported many decanter centrifuges and mud system around the world,our products are world class standard.
  • We sent out our engineers for install,operation to  clients HDD mud system.

Decanter centrifuges pictures:

drilling fluids decanter centrifuge
drilling mud decanter centrifuge

The client have a HDD mud system,and it is mounted with shale shakers,and mud cleaners,now they need one more drilling fluids decanter centrifuges to make the mud system more efficient.