September 01 2012

GN supplied a lot of mud system for water well drilling, and the first one is exported to Mongolia, while the customer checked our system performance and indicate their sub-company in Mongolia to purchase from GN. Then we exported Water well drilling mud recycling system to Mongolia, and Water well drilling mud cleaning and mixing unit to Mongolia, Then exported Two Unit 200GPM Mud Recycling System Delivery to Australia

Today another system to Mongolia are ready. This system contains our new small shaker, MINI cleaner, and jet mud mixing system.·

water well drilling mud system

For small systems, to keep the compact design, and perfect performance, GN Solids Control developed a small linear motion shale shaker GNZS752, that is what we want, when we meet with this client, he burned out, have to change the one motor type.

Mini Mud Cleaner

mini shale shaker for water well drilling

In Mongolia, a lot of drilling companies in water well drilling business, for small water well, maybe no need mud system, but if the well is deep, then to get a suitable, compact and efficient mud system is very important.
If you are involve in any water well drilling business, or just interested in 200gpm mud system, contact GN Solids Control immediately.