December 22 2010

In the bigining of this year,we delivered unit to mongolia here:Water well drilling mud recycling system to Mongolia .Another client a big drilling company from Australia saw our unit operating,and come to us.This Australia client is one of the largest mining exploration company in world with up to 500 drill rig.Before shipment,their engineer come to inspect and very satified with the design & layout of the mud recycling unit.

Water well drilling mud system

Configuration of the Mud system:

1)GNZS63-3 Shale Shaker
2)GNZJ63-3 Desilter with 8x4inch desilter cones.
3)SB8x6-12(45Kw) Centrifugal  Pump
4)Mud Agitator(5.5KW)
5)SLH100 Jet Mud Mixer
6)Mud Tank 10500×2200×1000mm
Mongolia mud mixing system

Mongonia mud cleaner

Mongolia mud mixing system

As in Mongolia the temperature is very low,sometimes down to minus 40 degree.Clients want to put the complete mud cleaning and mixing unit into container.Container is insulated and they use the heat from the engine / generator to keep the  container warm.GN provide them the customized mud reycling system solution to fit for the dimension.