November 08 2011

GN deliveried 2 unit 200GPM mud recycling system to Australia at the end of Sep to Brisbane port. Just the same day, GN deliveried 1 set 500GPM jet leg mud recydcling system to Brisbane to another client. The 2 unit 200GPM mud system is working for work over drilling rig with a very compact design but 3 tanks with larger mud capacity.

GN 200GPM Mud System

GN 200GPM mud system configuration:

1)    One unit GNYS852 mud cleaner with 4 no desilter cone
2) One unit 80YZ50-20 submersible slurry pump
3) One unit SB4x3-12 centrifugal pump
4)   One small jet mud mixer SLH100-30 with a 11kw mixing pump
5)   One 5m mud recycling tank
6)    Two 5m mud storage tank with two trip pump

Why this clients choose to buy from GN Solids Control?

Many Australian clients is used to buy from US manufacturers for mud system as they believe America equipment will be better quality and better service, however more and more Australian clients shift to GN based on:
1)    GN have sales record to Australia with all of them good quality and service feedback, Clients believe GN will make the 2 unit 200GPM mud system also good quality
2)    Competitive price with US equipment while GN also offer the top quality and assured service
3)    GN professional sales representative offer good professional service before order and offer equipment based on their exactly requirement
4)    GN is different with other China manufacturers who mainly focus on oil&gas drilling mud system, GN not only have a division for oil&gas drilling and also for HDD/CBM mud system which is also a huge market in Australia

Small mud cleaner & Pump installing on the Tank

GN other size mud recycling system for sale

Except 200GPM mud recycling system , GN also sales for 350GPM/500GPM/1000GPM system for HDD /CBM and ZJ20/ZJ30/ZJ40/ZJ50 and ZJ70 drilling rig solids control system for oil&gas drilling. Please contact GN Solids Control freely for your special requirement on mud system, GN will offer you the best solutions!