ZJ50 drilling rig is a Chinese model oil drilling rig,GN Solids Control manufacture ZJ50 (1500HP) drilling rig mud solids control system with standard solids control equipments,but also customized mud tanks layout for your drilling application.

To buy ZJ50 (1500HP) drilling rig mud solids control system from GN,the solids control equipment manufacturer

ZJ50 1500HP Mud System

ZJ50 1500HP Mud System

directly,you’ll save at least 20% cost/price for the total mud system package,we also provide services for training up clients engineer for commissioning and operating of the the ZJ50 (1500HP) mud system.

In China, for the ZJ50 there are different models as below:

·  ZJ50/3150L Drilling Rigs (1500 HP)
·  ZJ50/3150D E-Drive Drilling Rigs

The ZJ50 drilling rig mud system usually have the following main solids control equipments.

1)2 Sets GNZS83-3 Shale Shaker

2)1 Sets GNZJ83-3 Mud Cleaner with 12inch 2 desander cones,and 4 inch 16 desilter cones.

3)Feeding pump for Mud Cleaner,SB8x6-13 (55Kw) Centrifugal Pump.

4)ZCQ270 Vacuum Degasser

5)LW450x1000N Decanting Centrifuge

6)Mud Tanks for storage

7)Mixing mud tanks and Jet mud mixing hoppers and mixing pump.

We also have trip tank and mud gas separator available for ZJ50 1500HP drilling rig mud system.


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