Vertical cuttings dryer is a major separation machine for oil base mud drilling cuttings treatment. The VG dryer is used to further treat and recover drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, and in some cases, the cuttings from mud cleaner. The Vertical cuttings dryer cannot be used to treat drilling cuttings discharged from decanter centrifuge. As the solids discharged from decanter centrifuge is something like soil. The vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with screen basket with bigger opening like 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.5 mm. The centrifuge discharge is too fine. They will all pass the VG dryer screen basket. There are nothing can be recovered.

The control panel of the vertical cutting dryer must have connection between the main drive motor and the oil pump. So that when the main drive motor is turned on before the oil pump, it cannot be started. If there were not connections between the main drive motor and the oil pump, the VG dryer main motor can be started before or after the oil pump running, there may be no lubrication oil for cooling down while the main drive motor is running. It will make damage to the vertical cuttings dryer. The situation must be taken into consideration because this situation may be lead to damage the bearing or rotor due to Stopped or failure oil pump or leakage or drop of oil pressure .

These situation is abnormal, because according to the operating procedures must be start on the oil pump in the first until the oil pressure reaches 15-25 psi, after 5 minutes of running the oil pump go to start on the main drive to ensure that oil reached to all rotating parts , bearing .

Where is supposed if happened any drop in oil pressure or failure in oil pump the main drive shut off before happens any failure in bearing or rotor. ( for protection the unit)