Recently 2 sets of drilling waste management equipment are ready for shipment. They are customized for an Africa project. The drilling waste management equipment will be used to treat oil base mud and oil base drilling cuttings which generated from oil and gas drilling field. All equipment inside the waste management system are customized with client appointed color.

The 2 sets of drilling waste management equipment including following items:
1) Vertical cuttings dryer. Quantity: 2 sets. Model: GNCD930.
Vertical cuttings dryer is also called as vertical centrifuge. It is the major processing equipment to treat oil base mud and oil base cuttings. Vertical cuttings dryer can separate oil on the cuttings to 3% ~ 5%. Before vertical cuttings dryer treatment, the oil on the cuttings is around 10% ~ 20%. It means the vertical cuttings can recover more usable drilling mud with oil, which is valuable. More recovered oil means save more cost for clients. And further more, more recovered fluids means less wastes generated from the process. It can also save the cost of hazardous material shipment.

2) High speed decanter centrifuge. Quantity: 2 sets. Model: GNLW363C-VFD
GNLW363C-VFD is a 14inch high speed decanter centrifuge. It is the most popular size decanter centrifuge used for drilling mud solids control system and drilling waste management system. The typical speed of GNLW363 is 3200RPM. In some projects, clients want high speed decanter centrifuge over 3200RPM, GN Solids Control can also offer. The max. Typical speed of GNLW363 can up to 3600RPM. GN Solids Control can offer fixed speed control for 14inch decanter centrifuge for easy operation. GN Solids Control can also offer VFD control and FHD control for the 14 inch decanter centrifuge.

3) Screw conveyor. 4 sets. Each vertical cuttings dryer will use 2 screw conveyors. One screw conveyor is used to feed cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer. Another screw conveyor is used to transfer the discharged solids from vertical cuttings dryer.