GN Solids Control has recently concluded the manufacturing of an advanced system comprising a large bowl decanter centrifuge, specifically the GNLW654 model. This substantial centrifuge is outfitted with a cutting-edge variable frequency control cabinet, strategically placed alongside the centrifuge on an adjustable-height lifting frame. This integrated design allows for seamless coordination between the centrifuge and its control components. The dewatering centrifuge unit will be shipped to a South America client.

Notably, the centrifuge system is complemented by a sophisticated 6000-liter chemical dosing unit, which plays a crucial role as the central component in the dewatering system. The polymer mixing unit is meticulously engineered to facilitate efficient coagulation and flocculation processes, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of the dewatering system.

One of the distinctive features of this centrifuge setup is its adaptability, owing to the adjustable-height lifting frame that accommodates both the centrifuge and the control cabinet. This design not only enhances operational convenience but also underscores the commitment to ergonomic and user-friendly solutions.

In terms of performance, the centrifuge feeding pump is German brand, NETZSCH. This choice reflects a dedication to quality and reliability, ensuring that the centrifuge operates at optimal levels and delivers consistent results.

This comprehensive system, comprising the GNLW654 centrifuge, variable frequency control cabinet, and the 6000-liter polymer mixing unit, stands out as a cornerstone in dewatering technology. Its robust design, coupled with the integration of cutting-edge components, positions it as a key player in industrial processes requiring efficient solids-liquid separation.

Except for the big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW654, the 6000L chemical mixing and dosing unit with holding skid and feeding pumps, GN Solids Control also supplied 2 mud tanks together along with the dewatering unit. The mud tanks are the same size as 20ft container for easy transportation.

In summary, GN Solids Control’s latest centrifuge system represents a synthesis of advanced engineering and functionality, promising enhanced performance and reliability for dewatering applications across various industries.