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GN solid control GNLW series mud centrifuges, also known as horizontal spiral unloading sedimentation centrifuges, mud centrifuges, are characteristics of drilling mud, the mud recovery system developed and designed, and solid-liquid separation special solid-control equipment, suitable for oil and gas Drilling mud, sludge dewatering, particle size classification, food protein, starch, kaolin, natural gas desulfurization sludge, waste oil purification and other industries. The removal of fine solids reduces the solids content of the solid-liquid mixture, controls the density and viscosity of the drilling mud, ensures the performance of the drilling fluid, and plays an important role in fast drilling.

During the use of the centrifuge, drum jam may occur, affecting the use of the centrifuge

Mud separation centrifuge analysis

The reason for the blockage is as follows: During the operation of the centrifuge, the flow rate of the slurry pump is too large, or the density of the inhaled mud suddenly increases, the work is not smooth, causing the current to exceed the normal value, causing the auxiliary motor to trip, causing the centrifuge to clog and stop working.

Congestion Cause II: When the centrifuge was stopped, the operation was not carried out in accordance with the operating procedures, the flushing was not performed, or the flushing was not completed. The slurry was already solidified when it was used again, and the inside of the centrifuge could not be rotated, causing the centrifuge to clog.


It is advisable to analyze the situation and start the auxiliary motor first. Observe that if the differential and the drum follow the auxiliary motor and it gets faster and faster, it means that the material flushing between the drum and the auger is not thorough or even blocked. Start the main motor in such a way that the centrifuge overcomes the clogging; the material between the drum and the auger should be cleaned.


The specific operation method is: remove the shield, use the pipe clamp to clamp the coupling of the auxiliary motor, and apply force in both positive and negative directions. Note: It is not possible to use brute force to prevent the differential from being damaged. Or from the slurry into the water, soak for 12 hours to soften the solidified material, which helps to rotate the motor coupling.


Open the collection box for cleaning:


Every three days, the collection box should be opened for inspection and cleaning. The wear sleeve, scraper and end scraper on the slag outlet of the main engine are all fragile parts. Be careful when cleaning.

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