Trailer mounted mud system are very popular for HDD drilling,CBM drilling and Water well drilling.GN also have the Trailer mounted mud system for oil workover drilling rig.

For any drillers,when they decide to buy the mud system,the have options for the type of the mud tank.Normally it is skid mounted mud tank,trailer mounted mud tank and Hyraulic Jack up mud tank.With the design and manufacture capability.GN Solids Control is able to design all of the above type mud system for your different drilling applications.

Trailer Mounted Mud System

Trailer Mounted Mud System

GN Trailer Mounted mud sytem models for HDD water well,and CBM drilling: GN 200 GPM, GN 350 GPM,GN 500 GPM,GN 800 GPM,and GN 1000GPM.

GN Trailer Mounted mud sytem for Workover oil drilling rigs:350HP 450 HP 550HP 650 HP 750 HP workover rig mud system available.The system is completed with Solids control equipment and mud agitators ,mud guns.


Features of GN trailer mounted mud cleaning unit

  • Cost Effective Equipments integration:Complete drilling mud equipments from a single source-GN Solids Control Factory.
  • Fast moved compact system:Small footprint design with fast connection for removable parts and most parts fixed while traveling meet transport regulation.
  • Assured customer service:We can send our experienced engineers for installation,and training up customer engineers.
  • Compact Tank design: Easy moving,and complied to raod regulations for most areas in the world