Oct 16

Electric motor is an important part for a lot of equipment for driving. Everybody know this well. GN Solids Control have cooperated with some manufacturers supplying good quality products. Professional engineers also know a lot of famous brand. Here is a list to share some of them.

1. Siemens Motor
mud agitator with top quality motor

We cooperated with Siemens, when I talked about this with our customer, they usually want to know more, “Siemens is a huge company, so what do you buy from?” Yes, motors, and some parts for electric control and so on. You can get more when you contact.
2. Schneider
The global specialist in energy management. Some of our clients told us: We just like Schneider. Do not mind, GN Solids Control like all top quality products.
3. Hengli Motor

Hengli is a famous motor supplier in China, with top quality and competitive price.


Shanghai Pinxing explosion-proof Motor CO.,LTD constructs at the Pinxing road Qinggang indstry town Fengxian Shanghai.The company area 100 Chinese acres,existing workshop area 25,000 square meters.

5. Nanyang Exd

Nanyang Exd also famous for its Exd explosion proof motors. Belongs to the goverment, products exported all over the world.

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