Oct 22

Big bowl centrifuge is widely used in drilling mud solids control system, also in tunneling mud processing system. “As a professional company of solids control system, GN Solids (some clients like to take this for short) must sell it, we are expecting that”; as one customer told us. We should say, GN is doing this, hopefully it will be done early 2012.

Keep tune to GN Decanter Centrifuge.

There are three types of decanter centrifuge widely used in drilling field:big bowl centrifuge
1. Small centrifuges – the diameter is less than 14 inch (355mm,356mm) and its volume capacity is 10 – 100 gpm (2.3-22.7 cubic meters).
2. Medium centrifuges – the diameter is around 15-16 inch (381mm,406mm) and its volume capacity is 30 – 150 gpm (6.8-34.1 cubic meters).
3. Large centrifuges – the diameter is more than 16 inch (406mm) and its volume capacity is 60 – 200 gpm (13.6-45.5 cubic meters).

MI Swaco CD-600

The M-I SWACO CD-600* CENTRIFUGE can remove LGS at much higher flow rates than can be achieved with the smaller machines. Because of its large diameter bowl (600 mm) and high bowl speed (up to 2800 rpm), the unit can accelerate the particles at 2600 Gs.

Derrick DE-7200 VFD centrifuge

Bowl speeds up to 3000 RPM
Internal acceleration of 2750 G’s
Compact portable unit
Remote monitoring
Been used in Microtunneling

How Much GN Have Been Reach?

GN Solids Control have updated the GLW-V355x1250N to GNLWF355x1250-N, with small diameter (355mm 14inch), but high bowl speed (max upto 3860rpm) @ 3004G, while the treating actual capacity is 20 cubic meters (88gpm).
Contact GN Solids Control for more information.

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