Scew Conveyor

Screw conveyor is a transportation equipment widely used in waste management field. Drilling cutting screw conveyor is mainly used to collect drilling cuttings separated from solids control equipments, like shale shaker, desander, desilter, barite recovery centrifuge,etc…Then the drilling cuttings will be fed to high G shaker or vertical cutting dryer.

Swivel screw conveyor

Swivel screw conveyor

Swivel screw vconveyor

Drilling waste management screw conveyor can be used in level or with an angle. The angle must max.  40°.

While use with angle, in most condition, the angle is fixed. For some situations, users want a more flexible application. In this case, the leading solids control and waste management manufacturer- GN Solids Control design and make a swivel screw conveyor. GN equipped swivel at the underneath end of the screw conveyor and also equipped swivel caster underearth the frame. In this case, the swivel have the function to move at any direction easily.

The swivel screw conveyor with an adaptable height. Furthermore, users can change angle of the screw conveyor both in horizontal and vertical direction .

Parameter of swivel screw conveyor

All kind of screw conveyor can be designed for swivel. GN has 2 auger dimension for choice: 14’’ and 18’’.

For length, GN have 12 feet standard length for each selection. Namely, users have 12 feet, 24 feet, 36 feet, 48 feet for option. For safety consideration, GN max. match 48feet, namely 4 selections for each screw conveyor.



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    we are looking for a mud screw elevator of 24 feet.
    Pl let us know the volume it can handle for 14inch and 18inch machine per hour.
    and the energy requirement for the application