Shale shaker is important for offshore drilling mud management, offshore waste management, and not same as onshore shakers, it has higher requirements. GN Solids Control can supply both elliptical and linear motion shale shaker for offshore project.

offshore shale shaker

offshore shale shaker

Shale shakers are essentially vibrating sieves that remove drill cuttings. The basic designs feature large wire cloth screens that shake or vibrate drill cuttings off the screens as the fluid flows back into the mud system and down the well bore. The challenge for drilling crews is to run the screens as finely as possible while still maintaining an efficient flow rate. It’s a difficult but important balancing act, since controlling solids in the drilling fluid is crucial for controlling costs.

GN Solids Control totally understand this, and emphasize the application, focus the user friendly. So GN always choose the top quality material from all over the world.

For offshore project, we use marine explosion proof motor, (Explosion proof rate dⅡBT4), shaker surface is coated with heavy anticorrosive paint.

Excited to broadcast that now we are going to export 2 mud system to America, and Halliburton buy products from us. So if you are interested in our shaker for offshore project, contact GN now.