screw conveyor is the most popular transfer device for drilling cuttings transfer at oil and gas drilling rigs. There are many types of screw conveyor, but U- type is most common type for oil and gas drillings application. GN Solids Control can make fixed speed screw conveyor and manual adjustable speed screw conveyor.

Furthermore, GN Solids Control can also make VFD control panel for fixed speed screw conveyor. The explosion proof standard can be fully CNEX, IECEx or ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 Rated and suits for 460V/60HZ 3 Phase, 480V/60HZ 3 Phase, 380V/HZ 3 Phase, or suits for customized power system. Clients confirm voltage and HZ before order.

GN Solids Control makes screw conveyor with auger diameter vary from 10 inch to 18 inch (10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch). And the screw conveyor length can vary from 12 ft to 48ft (12 ft, 24 ft, 36 ft and 48 ft) as standard model. Each auger are combined with standard length of 12ft per section. For other customized diameter and transfer length, clients can contact GN Solids Control for customization.

As screw conveyor is rotation equipment, there must be necessary safety protections to meet HSE standard and to protect job site operators.

Firstly, the top of screw conveyor will be covered and sealed by metal plate or by gratings. From one hand, it can prevent big matters fall down inside the screw conveyor which may broke the auger impellers. Secondly, it can protect people figure or foot from touch the screw conveyor while the auger rotation.

Secondly, GN Solids Control can equip Safety Grab Wires all long the auger length and ESD Devices (emergency stop device) to start and stop the control panel in case of emergency.

GN Solids Contol can offer Audio / visual alarm system on auger control panel which will be automatically activated once the power is switched on followed by the actual auger startup with a safety delay time. Audio / visual alarm system to be in the OFF mode after some time once the auger starts operation.