Every year, GN Solids Control will manufacture and export large quantity mud tanks used in drilling fluids solids control system. As a specialized manufacturer of solids control equipment, the rectangular shape mud tank is one of GN main production. Besides this type mud tank, GN is also able to design and manufacture the oilfield fuel tank.


GN Oilfield Fuel Tank

Oilfield fuel tank is used to store the fuel like diesel to be used in engine that supplies the electric power for the oilfield. GN just finished the fabrication of one unit fuel tank and right now this unit is put in our assembling yard for delivery. From below picture, it could be seen that this fuel tank is very striking red color telling people this tank is used to store flammable material.

How this Fuel Tank Works

1. GN’s fuel tank is designed horizontal cylinder type to be mounted on an oilfield three runner skid for drilling site easy moving. There are 2 tanks, one fixed horizontally on skid is the main tank for fuel storage, and the other smaller one could be lifted vertically when using to be used as a temporary storage tank from where the fuel will flow to the engine. If need to be transferred to another site, the smaller tank could be put down horizontally for easy and save transportation.
2. These 2 tanks are connected with hose pipe for fuel transferring. The transfer power source is the pumps mounted on the skid. 2 pumps one is in use while the other one standby. The bigger tank has a capacity of 8 cubic meters, it could be transferred a quarter of capacity to the smaller tank. It means the capacity of the smaller tank is 2 cubic meters. After raised up, the fuel in the smaller tank could flow to the engine freely under the gravity.
GN’s fuel tank is designed to be able to put in a 20 ft container for easy sea transportation. For more information on this fuel tank or other solids control equipment, please feel free to contact with us.