GN Solids Control has an oil sludge treatment system which is used at Qinghai Oilfield in China. The system is used since May 2018 till now. It is a customized oil sludge waste reduction system. Clients are happy with its performance.

Many clients are showed great interest on the system, below is some information of the system to let people know more.

1.The system is used since May 2018 till now, the location is Qinghai Oilfield in China.

2.The liquid content of the raw material oil sludge is 70% – 80%.

3.There is a pre-mixing and heating modular in the oil sludge separation system. Oil sludge will be heated up to 60C degree, during the heating process, chemicals will be enhanced into the process procedure to help for separation. The chemical enhancing is based on the material situation. If the material is easy for separation, heating and chemical dosing may be not needed. It depends on the separation result.

4.There is a double deck drying shale shaker in the customized system for pre-separation. After shale shaker, there is a desander separator.

5.After desander mud cleaner, it is decanter centrifuge separation by an 18inch big bowl centrifuge. There are 2 sets GNLW453C-VFD centrifuge for ultra fine solids separation.

6.There are 2 types of sludge vacuum pump for sludge and slurry transfer in the system: GNSP20B and GNSP40B.

7.The system for the client is 2-phase separation. After separation, clients get clean oil slurry with small percentage ultra fine soil. The oil slurry recovered from GN oil sludge system will be further treated by slurry separation system to get oil and water. The final solid waste is taken to third party the biodegradation and pyrolysis company for processing.

GN Solids Control can also offer 3 phase separation after the 2 phase centrifuge sepration to get clean oil, water and solids.