Shale shaker is the most popular separation equipment of drilling mud system, no matter for oil and gas drilling or for non-oil drilling field, like for piling, micro tunneling, CBM, water well drilling, mining, or other construction separation system.

Shaker deck angle is an importance factor to affect the shaker performance. The suitable shaker deck angle can ensure a better separation performance, can enlarge the mud handling capacity, and also it can enlarge the shaker screen lifetime. Per different mud condition and different mud flow, the shaker deck angle may be different to reach a better performance.

For different shaker brand, the shaker deck angle adjustment system design is different. GN Solids Control patent design shaker deck angle adjustment system is welcomed by operators.

The operators like GN Solids Design shaker deck angle adjustment system as below reasons:
1) GN Solids Control shale shaker deck angle can be adjusted during shaker running, while most other brand shakers have to be stopped before adjust the shaker deck angle. It can save time and simplify the operation.

2) GN Solids Control shale shakers utilize Synchronous deck angle regulation system.
It is Mechanical Deck anĀ¬gle adjustable device which can working while shaker is working.
And the Synchronous deck angle regulation system can ensure both side angles changed at the same rate on matter operated from which side. While for other brand shakers, operators have to change the shaker deck angle from one side, and then change another side to the same degree. It takes longer time.

3) GN Solids Control utilizes Ratchet wrench to change the shaker deck angle. The Ratchet wrench is in the tool box on the shaker deck.

Another advance of GN Solids Control shale shaker is the sealing rubbers. GN Solids Control shaker deck sealing rubber is inset type. Compared with screw fixing type, it is reliable for working, and easy for maintenance and replaced.