GN Solids Control finished another full package of oil sludge treatment system to Kazakhstan market. Before this, GN Solids Control exported other sizes oil sludge treatment package to the market, and clients are happy with the performance.

Below are the major separation modular included in the oil sludge treatment system to the Kazakhstan client.

1. A 20ft containerized pre-mixing tank.

The mud tank is the same size with 20ft container for easy transportation. The tank is for both dilution and mixing. There are 2 mud agitators equipped in the mud tank to mixing the oil sludge well. A vertical slurry pump are mounted on the tank top. It is for transferring the drilling mud from the pre-mixing tank to shale shaker separator.

2. A shale shaker separation modular

There is a mud tank and a shale shaker separator included in the modular. It is a double deck shale shaker for solids removal. The double deck shale shaker is specially designed for oil sludge treatment. There are covers on the shaker top to avoid sludge spay. As the oil sludge is normally with high density and viscosity. GN Solids Control equipped nozzles for heating the material. It is to reduce the viscosity to help for the separation.

3. Decanter centrifuge and disc centrifuge modular

There is a decanter centrifuge and a disc centrifuge allocated on the mud tank. The decanter centrifuge is for 2-phase separation. The outputs from decanter centrifuge is particle phase, oil and water mixture. It is to treat the liquid recovered from shale shaker. The disc centrifuge is for 3-phase separation, it to recover the clean liquid discharged from decanter centrifuge. After disc centrifuge, the final outputs are fine solids cake, clean water and recovered oil.

There is a small water buffer tank and a small oil buffer tank allocated on the centrifuge modular. There are oil pump and water pump near the oil tank and water tank to transfer the recovered oil and water to outside storage tanks.