In order to control the COVID-19,  all exhibitions in 2020 were canceled or postponed. With more and more people get vaccinated, and with the under-control of COVID-19, China become to normal situation. More and more exhibitions are taken in 2021. After the Water Treatment exhibition in Shanghai in April, GN Solids Control are waiting for the largest petrochemical exhibition. GN Solids Control will attend the 2021 CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition.

CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is the largest exhibition in China for oil and gas field. All major oil company, drilling companies, mud services companies will have their booth on the exhibition. Nearly all major manufacturers and supplier related to oil and gas drilling products will joint the exhibition. And CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is also one of the largest oil and gas industry exhibition in the world. It is a good chance to meet and talk with clients and companies in the field.

GN Solids Control will takes their advanced design equipment to the exhibition and show to their clients. And the exhibition is a good chance to share the ideas of each other in oil and gas drilling field. Below list is some equipment GN Solids Control will take for 2022 Beijing CIPPE.

1) Shale shaker screen vacuum unit
2) Big bowl and high speed decanter centrifuge
3) Oil sludge separation system. It is the combination of shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, 3-phase separation centrifuge, chemical dosing unit, etc…
4) Solids and sludge vacuum pump

It is so pity that, as international trip is still limited. Clients outside China will not have the chance to come for the exhibition. In order to let clients who are interested in GN to have the opportunity to know more of GN, GN Solids Control offer online factory visiting. Clients can make appointment with GN sales manager to check and visit GN Solids Control factories through webcam and internet.