GN Solids Control has further expanded its international reach with the establishment of GN Solids Australia, following the successful ventures of GN Solids Russia and GN Solids America. Specializing in solids control equipment and mining slurry separation, GN Solids Australia offers a comprehensive range of products, including centrifuge equipment and mining vibrating screen separators of various sizes.

One of the standout offerings from GN Solids Australia is their advanced vibrating screen separators, specifically designed for ore beneficiation and mineral processing applications. These vibrating screens come in a diverse range of models, such as the Dewatering Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion, Classification Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion, Stack Vibrating Screen-Fine Sizer, High Frequency Vibrating Screen, Large Linear Vibrating Screen, Large Banana Vibrating Screen, and Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen.

The Dewatering Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion is engineered to efficiently remove moisture from processed materials, ensuring optimal dryness and improved handling. The Classification Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion enables precise particle classification based on size, facilitating efficient separation and enhancing overall productivity. The Stack Vibrating Screen-Fine Sizer delivers exceptional screening performance, particularly for fine particles, allowing for precise particle size control in mining operations.

Additionally, GN Solids Australia offers the High Frequency Vibrating Screen, which excels in separating materials with high moisture content or high viscosity. This vibrating screen ensures efficient screening and dewatering of challenging materials, contributing to enhanced process efficiency. The Large Linear Vibrating Screen and Large Banana Vibrating Screen are designed to handle high-capacity operations, providing reliable performance and exceptional throughput in demanding mining environments. Lastly, the Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen offers superior screening efficiency and reduced blinding, making it ideal for processing materials with high moisture and difficult-to-screen characteristics.

With the introduction of GN Solids Australia, customers in the region now have access to a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art solids control equipment and mining slurry separation solutions. GN Solids Australia’s commitment to delivering high-quality products, coupled with their deep expertise in the mining industry, positions them as a trusted partner for mining companies in need of reliable and efficient equipment.

To learn more about GN Solids Australia and explore their extensive product offerings, interested individuals can visit the official website at This expansion solidifies GN Solids Control’s global presence and underscores their dedication to providing innovative solutions for solids control and slurry separation in the mining sector.