GN Solids Control recently delivered a comprehensive Slurry Dewatering System to the construction industry in New Zealand. This system is designed to efficiently separate solid particles from slurry and provide effective dewatering solutions for construction projects. The imported equipment includes a range of high-performance components tailored for the specific needs of the construction industry.

The GNLMP1536 coarse separation shale shaker is a key component of the system, specifically designed for the mining industry. It utilizes durable PU screens to ensure a longer operational lifetime, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for coarse particle separation. In addition, the GNZJ706 double deck shale shaker offers a two-step separation process with coarse and fine screens, providing efficient and precise separation of solid particles from the slurry.

The system also incorporates the GNZJ594J-12N desilter mud cleaner, equipped with twelve 4-inch desilter cones for effective removal of fine particles from the slurry. Complementing these components is the GNLW553D big bowl decanter centrifuge, which plays a crucial role in dewatering treatment by efficiently separating solids from the slurry.

To enhance the dewatering process, a chemical mixing and dosing system has been integrated to work in synergy with the big bowl decanter centrifuge. This ensures the effective treatment and dewatering of the slurry, providing a comprehensive solution for the construction industry’s solid-liquid separation needs.

GN Solids Control is renowned for its full line of drilling mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment, and replacement shaker screens. Their commitment to high-quality, high-performance equipment makes them a trusted provider of solids control solutions for various industries, including construction and mining. The Slurry Dewatering System imported to New Zealand is expected to significantly contribute to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of dewatering processes in the construction industry.