GN factory produced mud cleaners all over the country in all oil and gas fields. Overall, this Decanter Centrifuge with large-displacement, high pressure, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, low weight and small size, a series of advantages, is adapted to the needs of modern Jet drilling technology a good device. In the last few years, GN technicians of the company for the use of this type of mud cleaner has done some research work. Also found some problems, worth designing and manufacturing units and user attention.

Mud cleaners, widely used in the construction of water projects, sending smoke fiber-containing mud, stones and other impurities. Ordinary mud cleaners, high energy consumption, low efficiency, overcurrent short service life and maintenance disassemble frequently. Therefore, preparation of high effective Grout Cleaner is imperative. According to the features of mud cleaner, combined with NL100-118 design of centrifugal mud pump and explore its hydraulic design method, key parts of the manufacturing process, sealing joints, such as selection of material. Design parameters are: flow rate: 160 m3/h; Head: 18m; Efficiency: 68%; Speed: 146 or/MSN; Number of leaves: 3; Impeller blade streamline imports a distorted involute shape.

Decanter Centrifuge

LWF450x1000N Mud cleaner is really a center spead centrifuge along with sixty-M3 treating capability as well as 5-7 microns splitting up. This particular shale shaker is extremely popular depending on it’s broad programs as well as discounted. However for many ALL OF US customers they’ll select a higher pace design or even variable spead centrifuge. All of us simply obtained four models associated with higher pace centrifuge final 30 days as well as additional solids manage tools.

Besides Mud cleaner, GN additionally produce shale shaker, dirt solution, desander & desilter, centrifugal pump motor, dirt agitators, dirt container, aircraft dirt machine, and so on. GN additionally produce the entire type of solids manage program in addition to little dirt program with regard to HDD CBM as well as gemstone drilling. Visit here (