Drilling mud types

There mainly 3 types of drilling mud for drilling rig system: Oil based mud (OBM), water based mud (WBM) and Synthetic based mud. According to different drilling rig and different depth, suitable drilling mud type will be used.

WBM (water based mud) is the most common drilling mud type. Most widely be used worldwide and its relative lower cost and lower pollution.

OBM (Oil based mud) is mainly used for very deep drilling and the difficult depth drilling rigs. OBM cost higher and have a big pollution to environment.

vertical cuttings dryer

vertical cuttings dryer

SBM (Synthetic mud) is used as the alternative of OBM. SBM drilling waste is relative easy to be treated. It has a lower pollution. At offshore rigs, the SBM drilling waste can be discharged directly to the sea. But it is not stable under high temperature. It is more difficult to get but the total cost lower then OBM and WBM.

Cuttings dryer machine for OBM and WBM

Cuttings dryer used for Oil based mud (OBM) and Waste based mud (WBM) is different. Normally, high G dryer shaker is used for water based mud (WBM), vertical cuttings dryer is used for oil based mud (OBM) and Synthetic based mud (SBM). But a higher standard vertical cuttings dryer can treat all the 3 types of drilling mud cuttings: OBM, WBM and SBM. It request a high standard of manufacturer. Few company can make it.

Top brand manufacturer for drilling mud cuttings management

1) CSI

2) GN Solids Control


GN Solids Control