The geothermal drilling mud system is similar to oil gas drilling solids control system.They are both  vertical drilling,and need the drilling mud cleaning equipment to be explosion proof.Some geothermal drillers use AIR drilling for  Geo Thermal  but  tehy will have to use drilling mud when we encounter water and the air won’t lift  the water anymore.Then drillers will have requirement for mud recycling and solids control.As a professional manufacturer for solids control,GN supply complete equipment for geothermal drilling mud system,but also gives our clients turnkey solution with Skid mounted mud system,or Trailer mounted mud tank system.

Features of geothermal drilling mud system.

The drilling depth of geothermal well drilling is not as deep as the oil gas drilling,so the treati

Geothermal drilling mud system

Geothermal drilling mud system

ng capacity is not as big as oil gas deep well drilling.But clients usually require the solids control equipment to separate out the fine p articles.This is similar to workover drilling mud solids control system.GN Solids Control  have provide equipments for China geothermal well drilling clients,and also supplied mud equipments to many other countries around the world.Presently,we are discussing with many geothermal drilling companies from western Australia for mud system.Following is an example layout of of geothermal drilling mud system.

More about Geothermal Energy

The term Geothermal energy originates from Greek roots. Geo, meaning earth and thermos, meaning heat. Geothermal energy is energy stored as heat in the earth.

There are four different sources of Geothermal energy sources; Volcanic, Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) often referred to as ‘Hot Fractured Rocks’, Hot Sedimentary Aquifer (HSA) which is often porous sandstone containing very hot water heated from hock rocks or crustal heat flow and Direct Use systems.

How is Geothermal Energy extracted:

For EGS and HSA Geothermal sources, two deep wells are drilled (up to 5km deep) using current oil and gas drilling technology. One well is an ‘injection well’, the other is the ‘production well’.  Due to pressure in the earths surface very hot water, steam and other sediments is pumped to the surface through the ‘production well’ into turbine filters which convert the water and steam to electricity. Water and unused sediments are recycled and pumped back down the injection well to be reheated and used again.


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