Mud rotary drilling solids control unit is usually very small,it’s better to be a compact design.For mud rotary drilling mud cleaning,GN Solids control have 100GPM,200GPM,300GPM mud recycling system available.

Following is the confirguration of GN200 GPM Mud rotary drilling  solids control unit.

  • GNZS83-2 Shale Shaker with 1.8㎡ screen areaa

    200GPM Solids Control Unit

    200GPM Solids Control Unit

  • ZQJ100S Desilter with four 4 inch cones.
  • 11kw 3×4 centrifugal pump for feeding desilter.
  • Mud tank 7000L x 2300W x 1550H
  • Jet mud mixing unit with 11kw 3×4 pump and hoppers
  • Submersilble slurry pump

Solids Control Unit processing

  1. Slurry pump feeding mud to the shale shaker from the mud pit for first phase solids removal
  2. Then desilter pump suck mud from first compartment and feed to desilter.
  3. Cleaning mud from desilter overflow to the cleaning mud compartment.
  4. Jet mixing unit is availble to adding chemical to the tank.
  5. The mixing pump can also be used as supercharging pump.

More about mud rotary drilling:
There are several different types of mud rotary drilling. The method DWR employs most often is called direct rotary drilling. Therefore, it is the only method that will be treated here.

Direct rotary drilling uses a rotating drill bit at the end of a string of drill pipe. Drilling mud, a water-based drilling fluid that can be composed of all sorts of materials, is pumped into the drill pipe and escapes through the bottom of the bit. Drill cuttings are carried by the mud to the surface, where they settle out of the mud in a settling pit. The mud is then recirculated back into the borehole. Additional mud is added as the well gets deeper and mud is lost to the formation(s) being drilled.

Mud rotary drilling is used primarily in unconsolidated or semi-consolidated formations. Most of North Carolina’s Coastal Plain aquifers are found in unconsolidated sands and in limestone formations. Mud rotary excels at this type of drilling. The mud provides effective cuttings removal while stabilizing the borehole walls at the same time.


GN Solids Control

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