The coronavirus situation hit the whole world greatly since months ago. More and more countries and people involved in. The virus let us know, all people in the world are bonded, we are a whole unit, no one can exist without consider others.
China, as the first country to aware the serious of the virus and the first one to fight against the virus, got great help from many countries and worldwide people. We get many kinds of material from China and outside of China to help us bit the virus soon. The virus situation in China got into control since March. And people life and factories get recovered. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Now it is time for Chinese people to help others.

Face mask is approved to be a good way for protection when people go outside of home. But mace masks are short of storage in many countries, it is difficult to buy it. GN Solids Control bought some medical surgical face mask. For any friends or clients from GN Solids Control, if you need medical surgical face mask, please send you request and information to GN Solids Control for arrangement. GN Solids Control will arrange the delivery soon once get your request.

For people outside of China, you can send your mask reservation to
If you are stay in China, you can send your mask reservation to

Besides wearing face mask, below actions is also suggested to be useful to fighting against the Virus:
1) Try to stay at home. Do not go out wide more than 2 persons.
2) Wash your hands as often as you can. Because you do not know when and where you may touch something which is not clean or have been polluted by virus.
3) Avoid touching other people. Keep at least 1.5m with other people.