March 29 2020

2020 is not a good year to start, just we thought we lost Kobe Bryant was too hard to accept,then suddenly we lost another important GN USA business partner. Life is just life, sometimes something happened without even give a hint. Since Jan.the Coronavirus came out of blue and have swept the globe, we have to admit most of us thought it was just another flu and we do not need to pay any attenton to it, but unfortunately the Coronavirus hit in everyone's face and brought the worst results and showed its evil face to all human beings in such a short time.  

Until now (Mar.29th) there are 571,913 confirmed cases, almost all the countries in the world are effected. With nowadays fast transportation among human beings, nobody can detach himself from our interconnected world at least not the Coronavirus. Sadly to say 26,826 died cases, kindly notice these are not just nos., every no. is or was a living human beings which involved with millions of families. Many countries active quickly like China, Singapore, Korea etc to put people's lives on the top priority. While few countries are still striving to find the best way to get everything under control. There are moments we are highly touched by our lovely and bravely doctors, nurses etc, they have been working strongly, smartely and powerfully to fight against the Coronavirus and stand as a shield between the virus and normal people.


As a ordinary person, we should follow the health organization’s rules: wash hands frequently, keep safety social distance, wear masks when necessary, stay at home etc. Actually protecting yourself is also a good and effective to protect somebody else. When the Coronavirus spread way is cut off thoroughly, it will be time to defeat it. 

20200327 Mask

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