GN Solids Control makes various separation productions for the treatment of oil contaminated waste during drilling, like oil sludge and contaminated soil. GN Solids Control is also capable to make various sizes of dewatering centrifuges for oily sludge and industry waste water treatment.

A dewatering centrifuge unit will be delivered to a Southeast Asia client for Municipal Sewage treatment. The dewatering centrifuge package is including a high speed decanter centrifuge unit and a VFD control panel for the centrifuge.

The dewatering decanter centrifuge is with big bowl and high speed, high G force. It is special designed to suit for municipal sewage treatment. The bowl diamater of the dewatering centrifuge is up to 450mm (18 inch), and the bowl length is up to 1890mm (74.5 inch). The bowl length and bowl diameter ratio is up to 4.2 to clarify the liquid and further drying the solids phase. The max. Speed of the 18 inch dewatering centrifuge is 4000RPM, which can generate max. G force 4032G.

The 18 inch dewatering centrifuge is a dual motor unit. According to different material situation, clients have 2 options on the motors power. In condition of heavy mud and high viscosity, 45kw main motor drive and 11kw back motor drive will be used. But if the slurry is low viscosity and light weight, less solids content, clients can choose 37kw main motor drive and 7.5kw back motor drive. It saves cost and also save power. Like for municipal sewage treatment, mostly the liquid is not weight, and less viscosity, 37kw main motor drive and 7.5kw back motor drive can be used.

For the same bowl size 18inch decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control has different design to cater for the slurry situation. Before order, GN centrifuge engineer will communicate more about the raw material situation and clients’ request in order to offer the clients a most suitable proposal.

VFD Control Panel of the decanter centrifuge is made from stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and long service life. The VFD control panel is with PLC and touch screen for smart control.