As a leader of solid liquid separation plants in China, GN Solids Control now march to piling field, GN50 is the first desanding plants for piling, and it will be exported to Pakistan. GN also can supply GN 100 (treating capacity 100 cbm), or other customized desanding plants.

piling desanding plant

Desanding plants are also a very important part of liquid solid separation, and GN 50 can also applicant in other fields, like mining industry, well drilling, deep drilling and so on.

The main components of all desanding plants are: Coarse screen for intercepting stones larger than 5 mm;  Storage tank of the coarse screen;  Cyclone with cyclone feeder pump for removing fine particles from the suspension; Dewatering screens for abstracting further water from the solids dis-charged by the cyclone. GN 50 use high efficiency linear motion shale shaker, with OLI brand motor, high quality centrifugal pump.

The regeneration or cleaning capacity of a desanding plant is determined by the plant´s intake capacity of contaminated suspension. It is defined in m3/h. The regeneration efficiency or the “significant cut-off point” -d50- indicates the smallest particle size of which at least 50% can be removed from a suspension. It is expressed in 1/1000 mm or micron. Compact design is also important for desanding plant, as it will be easier for mobility. And this unit is 2.2m*2.0m*2.4m.

Desanding plants are employed to remove soil partcles in drilling muds and support slurries used in foundation engineering. They can be either water-bentonite, water-polymere, or water-cement and bentonite suspensions. Desanding plants have further applications in gravel pits, in the mining industry and in microtunneling projects.



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