Centrifugal pump is widely used on oilfield for the drilling mud transferring in solids control system. Even in the same mud system, the centrifugal pump could be used for different application.

Centrifugal pump used as transferring pump for the cyclone unit

De-sander and de-silter are very traditional solids control equipment. They are located after the shale shakers and fed by pump unit to remove the solid particles in the drilling fluids. Centrifugal pump is an ideal choice for transferring the drilling fluids to cyclone unit as the cast iron impeller could bear the abrasion of thick solid particles in drilling fluids. Normally, both de-sander and de-silter would be equipped with each centrifugal pump with same capacity.

gn centrifugal pump

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump used as trip pump for when rising up the drilling pipe

When replace the drilling bit or drill pipe, the rig winch will raise the drilling tools out of the well. At this time, extra drilling fluids need to be injected down to the well hole to keep the pressure balance in the well. The drilling fluid is pumped down to well by using the centrifugal pump. By checking the amount of returned the drilling fluids, the operator could know the earth layer pressure and if there is any leaking under the well hole.

Centrifugal pump used as mixing pump for mud mixing

All the mud recycling system need mud mixing system for pre-mix the drilling fluids and adding the additional chemicals in the fluids during drilling process. The chemicals are brought to the mud tank system by the drilling fluids running in the jet mixing system. The power of the flowing fluids is coming from the mixing pump. Centrifugal pump can also be used as the power source of the mud gun line in the mud recycling system. In the same one mud system, it is better to use same model centrifugal pump for feeding cyclone and mud mixing, as the future maintenance would be convenient.
GN’s centrifugal pump is coupling connected with electric motor. All the parts are interchangeable with the world famous brand pump. If any requirement, please feel free to let us know.