A Bentonite  production company from Russian is very interested to purchase the Bentonite mud cleaning equipment from GN Solids Control.

Their raw material is bentonite with solids particle size range from 3-50 Microns,the want to separate the particles size large then 5 microns with bentonite cleaning machinery.

Our proposal to them is as the Bentonite cleaning system drawing below:

Bentonite Cleaning Equipment

Bentonite Cleaning Equipment

A mud tank with dimensions:6500Lx2200Wx3584H,mounted with first bentonite cleaning equipment:4inch desilter,with 3 desilters for first phase separation for particles between:15microns to 50 microns.

The first 7.5 Kw Horizontal centrifugal pump is for feeding to desilter.And in the second department,add chemical fluids for flocculation.With the agitator on it for mixing.Then pump by the second pump to feed to 2rd phase bentonite cleaning by decanter centrifuge for particles larger then 3-5 microns.

The above bentonite mud cleaning system is customized for the Russian clients.We also offer other bentonite cleaning machinery for larger particles,like desander,shale shaker etc.


GN Solids Control

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  2. shidfar


    We are a new company in Iran . We decided establish a micronized powder of bentonite . Please send me your proposal for a bentonite processing plant.
    Looking forward to your reply soon.