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GN manufacture direct connecting Mud Agitators with compact design.

Clients requirements for Mud Agitator:

My company is looking to procure a Mud Agitator, a compact low profile design using single Worm Gear drive,

Compact Mud Agitator

Compact Mud Agitator

complete with 10HP Explosion proofs Motor using Para-flex flexible coupling, explosion proof Electric Starter and coupled with impeller complete unit. The technical specifications are listed below.

Type of mud agitator:    Single reduction Worm Gear drive

Coupled with motor by:  Dodge? Para-Flex? Flexible coupling Motor Driven

Motor Driven: 10 HP Explosion proof Motor with Delta Star Connection.

Impeller/ Fan Diameter:      40 inch

Impeller Shaft Diameter: 2.5 inch

Impeller Shaft Length:  90 inches

Impeller Speed:  48 rpm for 50HZ application

Max; Displacement:    150bbl/min

System:     Quite Smooth vibration free

Motor Spec;  Explosion Proof 3-Phase INDUCTION Motor,

10 HP, Class-I/Group B.C,D

Motor RPM/HZ:       1450/50Hz

Volts:       220/380 V

AMP:  48/23

pole:   4

Service factor:    1.16

Frame:    254T

Time Rating:   CONT?D


Mud Agitator Design:    B

Motor Connection: Delta Star

Motor Starter: Explosion proof Starter suitable for operating above spec; – Motor

GN complete line compact mud agitator including:5.5KW(7.5hp),7.5KW(10hp),11KW(15hp),15KW(20hp)

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  1. Mud agitator Manufacturer in Argentina Says:

    […] highly efficient gearbox offers a 95% power transfer, which is approximately 30% more than a worm drive gearbox. […]

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  1. 1. soni gaurang Says:

    we need Chemical AGITATOR gear unit….in 2/3/5 HP respectively.

    QTY: 125 Nos/month

    Send us ur best offer with technical brochure asap.

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