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Hebei GN Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (GN Solid Control) is a well-known drilling mud solids control equipment at home and abroad, drilling waste processing equipment manufacturers:

Oil & Gas Drilling—-Solid Control System & Recycling Equipment

Directional Crossing & CBM – Mud Recovery System

Mine & Industrial & Environmental Protection —- Solid-Liquid Separation Equipment

GN Solids – Centrifugal Separation Equipment Polyphenylene Sulfide Waste Salt Recovery

GN500 GPM mud recycling system for HDD

GN500 GPM mud recycling system for HDD

1, material characteristics

In the production process of PPS, after the polycondensation reaction is completed, the solid phase is washed, the washing liquid is extracted and recovered, the solvent is evaporated, and the crystals are condensed to obtain the by-product inorganic salt sodium chloride.

Ingredients are complex, including sodium chloride, ash, low phenolic materials, solvents, etc.

High solid content, high viscosity, high temperature, 80-100 °C (usually 80, 90 degrees)

After condensation, the material is agglomerated and has a high hardness.

Solid particle size distribution range is wide.

2, the current separation equipment overview and problems

At present, the siphon scraper centrifuge is used to separate coarse-grained materials, and the separation liquid containing fine particles is separated by a LW horizontal decanter centrifuge.

Due to the large viscosity of the material, the material after condensation is agglomerated and has a high hardness, and the filter cloth is easy to be clogged, making it difficult to clean and regenerate. The siphon centrifuge can only be used as a settling centrifuge.

Failed to develop siphon blade centrifuge capabilities.

High energy consumption, large area, high maintenance costs.

Automatic discontinuous work, high labor costs.

The installation is complicated and the installation cost is high.

3, the advantages of GN solid-control centrifuge

GN centrifuge

According to the characteristics of the material, it is recommended to use short drum spiral unloading settling mud centrifuge (dehydration centrifuge) + clarification decanter centrifuge to separate medium and coarse particles and fine particles respectively.

There is no filter in both models, which can avoid the risk of filter clogging.

Low energy consumption, small footprint, low maintenance costs.

Automatic and continuous work, low labor costs.

The installation is simple and the installation cost is low.

GN solid-controlled decanters can continuously feed, dehydrate and discharge sodium chloride in the polyphenylene sulfide desalting section during full-speed operation. The sealing operation provides high processing capacity, stable performance, low energy consumption, and separation efficiency. it is good. It overcomes the shortcomings of existing separation equipment such as intermittent operation and small production capacity, saves investment and simplifies operation.

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