GN now is gradually known as a separation solution provider who not only has the business to provide equipment for drilling cuttings separation from drilling fluids, but also for recovery the oil in the oily sludge. After couple years research, GN developed a 4 stages separation system that could effectively recover the oil from the oily sludge coming from oil based drilling waste, refineries waste and crude oil tank cleaning slurry.
To be frank, GN’s 4-stage oily sludge treatment system is consisting of 4 modules. These 4 modules could be combined freely as per different sludge conditions or outputs. Now let’s see what is the 4-stage oil sludge treatment system.


Waste Oil Recovery System

The first stage is the high G force drying shaker with washing tank. The high G force drying shaker is located on a slurry tank. With a hopper type feeder, the oily sludge could be fed to the shaker easily. Up to 8 G force could effectively remove the coarse material in the sludge. The shaker unit could be equipped with hot water spraying system for better demulsification. To prevent the oily sludge spraying out of the shaker deck, this shaker will have a top cover.

The second is polymer dosing system. In order to get better demulsification performance, chemicals need to be added into the slurry, thus more oil would get off of the solids. GN has automatic polymer dosing system that could fast make the right chemicals for different sludge.
The third stage is common but important. A decanter centrifuge is located on a telescopic skid frame and connected with the feeding hose of the sludge. The sludge fed to the decanter centrifuge has been already fully mixed with polymer, after feeding to the centrifuge unit, liquid and solids could be separated.
The fourth stage is called oil water separation process that is used for the sludge of water, oil and solids. The separated liquid out of the decanter centrifuge would be guided to an inclined plate clarifier for further solids liquid separation, then the liquid overflow into water and oil separation for final separation, the oil is recovered.
GN’s 4 stage oily sludge treatment system could reduce the oil content on solids down to 2%. Several of this unit already shipped out of GN factory. For more information, please contact us freely.