GN Separation, a subsidiary of GN Solids Control, specializes in decanter centrifuges and disc centrifuges for separation processes in various industries. While GN Solids Control focuses on oil and gas drilling and non-oil drilling mud separation, as well as different types of drilling waste management.

Recently, GN Solids Control successfully completed the delivery of 2 sets of disc centrifuges for overseas vegetable oil separation. The model of these centrifuges is GNSD225, which are large-sized centrifuges with a bowl diameter of 810mm and bowl length of 730mm. These centrifuges have a handling capacity of up to 30-40 m3/h, making them highly efficient in separating vegetable oil.

Equipped with a high-speed rotation capability of up to 4500 RPM, the GNSD225 disc centrifuge is designed to provide rapid and effective separation results. This ensures that the vegetable oil extracted is of high quality and meets the required standards.

The control cabinet of the disc centrifuge is equipped with state-of-the-art components, including variable frequency control, Siemens PLC, ABB inverter, Schneider color touchscreen, and a bilingual operating interface in both English and Chinese. The control system is designed to ensure precise control over the centrifuge’s operation, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment.

In addition, the disc centrifuge is equipped with a sealing water filtration system. This system helps maintain a clean and hygienic working environment by effectively filtering the sealing water. All sealing components used in the disc centrifuge are made of fluororubber, a food-grade material that ensures the safety and quality of the separated vegetable oil.

GN Solids Control follows strict food-grade production standards to ensure that the disc centrifuges are suitable for handling food products such as vegetable oil. The use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques guarantees the durability, reliability, and safety of the centrifuges.

With its expertise in separation technology, GN Solids Control continues to provide advanced solutions for various industries, including vegetable oil separation. By offering efficient and reliable disc centrifuges, GN Solids Control supports the production of high-quality vegetable oil, contributing to the success of its customers in the global market.