April 24 2010

Some mud cleaning equipments ready for delivery for a Pipe engineering commpany in Zhejiang,they purchased 2 sets of mud cleaning equipments for solids control system from GN Solids Control last year,now they  repeat their order for some other drilling mud equipments.

gn-83-2 mud cleaner

They source the mud cleaning equipments from GN and make the mud tanks themselves to replace their mud system solids control equipments.
They purchased the following Mud equipments this time:
1)2 Sets GNZS83-3 Shale Shaker(3 Panel Screens,Screen Dimension:830x1080mm)
2)1 Set GNZJ83-2 Mud Cleaner(8ea 4 inch desilter cones & 2ea 8 inch desander cones and Screen:2 panel Screen Dimension:830x1080mm)
3)2 Sets ZQJ100S Desilter(8ea 4 inch desilter cones)
4)2 Sets SB6x5-13 Sand Pumps for feeding mud to cones.

gnzs83-3 shale shaker               zj mud cleaning equipments

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