March 22 2014

GN Solids come back from CIPPE 2014 Beijing Oil Show with Great Success. As China leading solids control and drilling waste management equipment manufacturer, We took most advanced technology equipment there. During the show, many domestic and international customer come to GN Solids and show keen interest on GN electric angle adjustement Shale shaker, GN 4pcs Mongoose shaker screen mud cleaner, GN most popular PLC control panel barite recovery decanter centrifuge, GN big bowl big treating capacity decanter centrifuge and GN Vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste management.

GN most popular PLC control panel barite recovery decanter centrifuge

GN Centrifuge is always keep ahead as leading drilling mud centrifuge manufacturer from China. GN centrifuge has some unique technologies whick make GN outstanding among similar companies.

  • PLC control panel make the working experience more friendly
  • Perfect design similar to Alfa Laval brand, also with Tungsten Carbide Tiles screw protection
  • Main body made from Duplex SS2205 centrifugal casting

decanter centrifuge

GN big bowl big treating capacity decanter centrifuge and GN vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste management

GNLW553VFD is a big bowl big capacity centrifuge. It's normal capacity is 90m3/h. Bowl diameter is 550mm and bow length is 1800mm. The scale bowl length/bowl dia=3. This parameter can guarantee on the fine drilling cuttings treatment.

GN vertical cuttings dryer with latest technology can also meet majority customer requirement.  The new model has 2 lightspots. Firstly, we add air knife for cleaning of the screen continueouly; secondly, we add auger to discharge drilling solids. Besides, lubricating cooling system also added for safety operation.

vertical cuttings dryer

Latest patent shale shaker with electrical angle adjustment

This model is developed by GN Solids, electrical angle adjustement and machanical adjustment as back up application. You may operate all the buttons on the control  panel to control the start and stop of the shale shaker vibration motor; and also control the gearbox for angle adjustment.

shale shaker

GN 4pcs Mongoose shaker screen mud cleaner

GN 4pcs Mongoose Shaker screen Mud Cleaner has many advantages. Firstly, it can replace Swaco Mongoose shaker and achieve same workin performance. Secondly, it use Polyurethane material as desander cone and desilter cone, this material is anti-abrasive and with longer life. Thirdly, you can use the mud cleaner as one equipment or you can separate it to shale shaker and desander or desilter. It is very convenient for re-installation.

mud cleaner