July 24 2012
  • 200GPM Mud Cleaning Unit to Australia

The 200 GPM mud cleaning unit is for shipping to Melbourne,Australia,this is the 16th mud system sent to Australia for HDD or CBM drilling.
At this moment,GN is also buiding another 500 GPM mud cleaning unit for Australia Brisbane customer.

200GPM Mini Mud Cleaner 200GPM Mini Shale Shaker

In Australia,as the requirements for quality and starndard are very high,with GN warehouse and service team available,GN keeps growing very fast there.We don't have any competitor from China,all the competitors are from USA,Europe,and New Zealand.GN win the orders by quality and customer satification,not only by price.

200GPM Mud Tank

Configuration for the 200 GPM mud cleaning unit including:one Mini Shale Shaker,one Mini Cleaner,and mud tanks,two centrifugal pumps,mixing hoppers etc.

200GPM Mud System

  • 500 GPM mud cleaning unit to India

The 500 GPM mud system is the 8th set complete mud cleaning unit we sold to India,GN has ever delivered one 1500HP mud system,two 750 HP mud tank system,and three 800 GPM mud tank system,and one 500GPM mud tank system to India for the drilling industry.India is fast developing country for construction and CBM exploration as well as oil gas drilling.

500GPM Jack Up mud system

GN 500 GPM mud cleaning unit is are fast moving design with Hydraulic Jack up systems.This allows the drillers to move the system without moving any equipments and without any cranes for lifting.It is a self container unit for mud cleaning,mud mixing,self lifting.This unit including:one GNZS703 Shale Shaker,one GNZS703 Mud Cleaners,3 centrifugal pumps,mixing hoppers and mud tanks etc.Mud Tank design is a self cleaning for easy cleaning and minimum cleaning.