August 18 2009
GN solids Control consultant sales

We suggest our sales to act like a consultant for customer,explain well for every questions customer have.
Here is an example Email

Q 1,Can you adjust the deck angle on your shale shakers ?
   The deck angle adjustment is: 0°~3°, Enclosed picture is an unfinished equipment we are making for our indian customer,we will give you the tool for adjustment.

Q.2, Can the top screen be the same size as the bottom or is this not necessary ?
This is not necessary,actually,we design it according to your treating capacity,for yours,the top screen is smaller than the bottom screen.

Q 3, Can you tell me more on where the 10" cones are charged from and why you use them . Are they feed from the underflow from a shale shaker ? Will these be fitted to the mud cleaner that you have sent information on .
The mud cleaner we sent you in the document (Mud Cleaner regular model.pdf) is a regular model of our company,it’s the one we sent you before we know your detail requirements.Now what we offer you is a cusomized one.It’s technical info. is including in the (GN quotation.pdf) ,and we don’t have a specific picture of it,but you can see what it is look like in the (GNsolids control  Illustration.pdf)
Our regular mud cleaner is combined from desander,desilter,and single shaker.But the one for you is different,it is conbined from desilter and a double deck shaker.And the  10" cones is for desander,we delete it since you don’t have a feed pump for it.But actually,the desilter is enough for you.

Q 4,Can you run more than 4 X 4" cones , possibly 6 on this and do 4" cones have as fine cut  as our existing 6x3" cones .?
According to your feed sand pump 4×3,you should use no more and no less than 4 cones.Only in this way  will it work properly and effeciently.Our 4" cones can separate particles ≥15μm and <=4715μm.

Q 5, Are your screens interchangeable with are mfrs eg derrick , missaco , kemtron etc?
We can provide you mud cleaner with screens interchangeable by derrick , miswaco screens.But we suggest you using our design ,since our sreens works well and you can save a lot in chaning screens.We supply screens at very competitive price.Which do you prefer?

Q 6,About the price for the mud cleaner and submersible slurry pump,it is as the ( GN solids control quotation.pdf)

Q 7,About the system price and components?
Pls provide us the following info. for us to give you quotation with all the components?
1,    Drilling rig model?
2,    Your need treating capacity? Our  normal system can treat mud from:20 m3-120 m3
3,    Since you need to put the system in a truck as we see in your picture,so pls tell us
Tank dimensions and quantities fitting your truck?

Welcome to consult GN solids Control sales team,and get customized cost-effective solids control system solutions.