July 23 2011

last week, demand for 6 shakers, 2 centrifuges with feeding pumps, and mixers came from Kazakhstan. Relying on good quality and service, our mud cleaing equipments brought the order for us at last. Our client told us that they have a large project to improve the effectiveness of drilling mud. And our equipment just satisfy their requirements.

Mud cleaning equipment required:

1. Linear Motion Shale Shaker GNZS852
2. Decanter Centrifuge LWF 450X1000N & GLW 355X1250N.
3. Feeding pump for centrifuges
4. drilling mud mixer

Why did they choose us?

1. Our linear vibrating screens are GNZS852 pyramid screen. The screen with more than 20% area greatly improve the treating capacity.
2. OLI brand vibration motor ensure reliable operation.
3. Steel: from the state-owned HBIS, one of the top 500 company in the world.
4. The main body of the centrifuge is made of material SS304, SS316 or wear-resistant
5. The screw is made of stainless steel with wear-resistant alloys painting.

6. Germany bearing FAG / SKF
7. Painting: Japan Kansai (Yanposkaya) or US Dupont, Meishibang
8. Electric control system: Siemens, Schneider or CHINT.
9. Technical support from the Southwest Petroleum University.