What is a telescopic skid for drilling waste centrifuge?

Telescopic skid is a high skid with adjustable height. In drilling waste field, it is mainly used to mount decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids Control company offer telescopic skid with height changed between 2.0m, 2.2m and 3.3m. It can meet most drilling site condition.

Telescopic skid for drilling waste centrifuge

Telescopic skid for drilling waste centrifuge

When need to use a telescopic skid, the advantages of it?

In mud recycling system (solids control system), there will be many tanks, decanter centrifuge can be mounted on the tank top. Hydraulic phase will fall into the tank under the centrifuge. Then a pump charge mud centrifuge tank to other tank or processing machines.

In drilling waste management system, the centrifuge can be mounted to a telescopic skid. With the skid, the centrifuge fluids outlet port should be higher than other mud storage tank. In this case, hydraulic phase can flow under garavity into mud storage tank or other device already there. No extra tank to store the mud and no need charging pump for the transfer. It can save cost of tank, and save power. And another side, the space under the telescopic skid can be used to mount other machine or device, like VFD control panel, centrifuge feeding pump, or others.



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