Solids and sludge vacuum pump is a popular feeding pump for GN oily sludge treatment system.

GN Solids Control makes different sizes vacuum pump for drill cuttings, solids and sludge transfer. GN vacuum pumps are 100% driven by air, without electrical parts. The pumps can be used for hazardous areas for zone 1 and zone 2 applications. And there are no rotating parts on the pump. It makes the vacuum sludge and solids transfer pump is easy for operation and maintenance.

So many clients are wondering will the air compressor included in GN Solids Control supply scope? How they can get the air source? The vacuum sludge and solids transfer pump can be fed air from other air suppliers, like from the rigs, or supplied with a separate air compressor.
From GN Solids Control proposal, the air compressor is excluded. If clients want the specification of the air compressor, they can contact GN sales team to ask for recommendations.

But as GN Solids Control is not the manufacturer for air compressor. GN Solids Control will suggest the clients to contact air compressor suppliers directly and buy the air compressor by themselves.

Besides the air compressor, clients will also need a heating system for the oily sludge treatment system to heatĀ up the sludge to 70 C degrees? The heating system can be Electrical or by a heat exchanger. Clients can use the hot water boiler to heat up by steam, or they can use hot oil boilers. GN Solids Control already equip the heating lines inside the tank of the oil sludge treatment system, clients can feed it with hot steam or hot oil. The volume of the hot heat depends on the ambient temperature. Clients will need to offer the minimum Ambient temperature for their operation to calculate the size of the boiler for them. Water treatment unit is excluded in GN supply scope of the standard oily sludge treatment system.