GN Solids Control design and make vacuum pump for solids and sludge suction and transfer. Sludge vacuum pump is a high efficiency and powerful suction pump for high solids content and big size solids material suction and transfer.

GN solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump can suck and discharge oil sludge material with solids content up to 80%. And the max. solids size the vacuum pump is capable to transfer can up to 75mm.

GN solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump is an ideal equipment used at offshore drilling rig platform. As at offshore drilling rig platform, the layout is very compact, space is very limited. Screw conveyor is popular used at on shore drilling rigs to collect and transfer drilling cuttings from solids control shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge. But screw conveyor takes a bigger footprint. The space is very limited at offshore platform. Screw conveyor is not suitable offshore drilling mud system.

Vacuum pump is suitable for this situation. A cuttings transfer station is used before vacuum pump after solids control equipment to collect drill cuttings. And then through hoses, vacuum pump can suck drilling cuttings from the cutting transfer station, and discharge to outside cutting storage tanks or places which can be max. 1000m away from the solids control equipment.

GN vacuum pump can also be used to suck and transfer rocks, sands, powder material directly. We can see, if the material is flowable, GN vacuum pump can be used.

As GN solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump is 100% driven by air. There is no electrical components. But the vacuum pump can suck material max. up to 50, and discharge material up to 1000m. In this case, in order to support the powerful suction and discharging capability, a big air supply is necessary to support stable running of the pump.