Slurry separation plant

GN Solids control slurry separation plant

GN Drilling Mud Processing equipments and system hold slurry separation plant. Slurry separation plant including shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, tanks, etc. GN provides you qualified items insure cost-effective drilling slurry separation with advanced technology.

A multi-stage re-circulating separation plant consisting of inclined vibrating screens to remove the larger solids, desander hydro-cyclones and centrifuges to remove fine material.

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The slurry separation plant utilizes multiple processing steps, each designed to remove successively smaller solids. Critical steps within the process provide solids removal capacities equal to the maximum tunneling rate of the Tunnel boring machine.

Slurry separation plant

Slurry separation plant

GN has developed a versatile modular Drilling Mud Cleaning System which can be used for various underground construction applications such as O&G well drilling, horizontal drilling, micro-tunneling, and slurry wall milling. The innovative design provides optimal flexibility for a wide range of ground conditions. Separation plant

The Slurry separation plant function

During ring-building operations, the re-circulating capability of the plant permits it to respond to challenging and constantly changing soil formations

Integrated with a tank with three chambered construction, electrical control panel, and one or two centrifugal pumps to feed the hydrocyclones; this base tank can accommodate up to GN equipment platforms for multiple slurry separation equipment combinations to meet the end-user requirements.

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GN Solids Control

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