Here we suggest mud recycling system especially the shale shaker for drilling rig250, as the name suggests, offers 250 tonnes.

Mur Recycling System for Rig 250/90

To get the best performace of no dig drilling rig, we need high performance mud recycling system to process drilling fluid at 800gpm.

mud recycling system

It comprises 2 GNPS703 shale shaker for primary screening, and a GNPJ703 mud cleaner complete with two 10″ de-sander cones and 12 deisilter cones for de-sanding and de-silting. All these equipments are mounted one tank to save space. Usually 12meters long with 26 cubic meters net storage.

 Balanced Eliptical Shale Shaker

With the most famous professor in China from Southwest Petro University, we developed our own model shale shaker.
GNZS852, GNZS703, GNPS703 are our updated shaker from this year, after testing and feedback from our clients, this is a big step and successful step.
Balanced elliptical shaker is more compact and more efficient. See more about GNPS shale shaker.