For oil recovery system, it is usually use a screw conveyor with V-hopper from the start.

V-hopper above srew conveyor used to collect Cuttings and oily sludge from truck. If materials pour directly onto the screw auger from the truck, the auger may be damaged or crashed. In order to not damage the screw conveyor auger under the V-hopper, GN design some special design within the V-hoppe. Material will slow down grealy while pass a special beam and then fall into screw conveyor auger. Then it will not have damage to the auger.

The screw conveyor build under the V-hopper is used to transfer materials and cutting waste from the hopper to other screw conveyor/conveyors, and then transfered to upstream treatment equipment.VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

In one project, users use the sysyem to transfer drilling cuttings and industry oily sludge, The material is too much viscosity. In order to make it easy for transfer and separation, users use steamer line and hot water line for the system. In this case, GN equiped some lines of steam nozzle on each side of hopper and screw conveyor. The nozzles will be used to connected with outside steam line and hot water line. And in this case, a higher standard of sealing for the auger system required.